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Potential car buyers

The car manufacturers are mainly targetting the wealthy indian government and other employees, well connected business owners, professionals with advertisements in the newspapers, magazines and on television.

The car advertisement on television will usually show a good looking couple or group of well off people driving the car and enjoying themselves as only these people can afford to purchase an expensive car, most other indians are only using public transport as they have very less money to spend.

The print ads are more like car brochures , though the content of the ad will vary depending on the advertising agency. Some of the ads are providing comprehensive information, others especially for high end cars like Mercedes benz only have photos.

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After Tesla owner Elon musk purchased Twitter, top car brands pause advertising on the platform.After Tesla owner Elon musk purchased Twitter, top car brands pause advertising on the platform.

Elon Musk is very rich mainly because of his stake in Tesla, the electric car company.
After his takeover, some of the top car brands have stopped advertising since they feel that their advertising data may get misused.
Some of the top brands are
General Motors
There are also other well known brands which are stopping advertising, increasing his loss further, reducing revenues

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