Car brochures Uncategorized Google competitor tortured while taking driving lessons, her savings stolen

Google competitor tortured while taking driving lessons, her savings stolen

Large companies like google, tata have developed a unique way of ensuring that google competitors do not learn driving in small towns where there is no public transport. They are allegedly bribing the local intelligence, security , ntro employees to stalk and torture the google competitor when he or she is taking driving classes with microwave radiation weapons causing very great pain, memory loss and a severe headache. The person taking the driving classes cannot escape those torturing her because he or she has already paid a lot of money to the driving school and the route of the car has been fixed by the person taking the driving classes.

In Panaji, goa, taking driving classes, is the ideal opportunity for the cruel animal like security and intelligence agency, ntro, employees to mercilessly torture a google competitor, domain investor to cause great pain, memory loss, headache. In other instances, when the victim is experiencing pain, he or she can immediately flee the area, making it difficult for the government employees to torture her further.

However while taking driving lessons, there is no flexibility, the person learning driving has to drive the car on the same route, for at least an hour, all the sex animal government employees in panaji, to inflict great pain, memory loss in 2012. The pain was so great, that the effect of the torture remained for more than 24 hours and allowed security agencies, cbi to steal the retirement savings of the domain investor without a court order or legally valid reason

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People without parking space should not purchase carsPeople without parking space should not purchase cars

As indicated earlier the google, tata sponsored Fraud cbi employee eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina is parking her light blue car 8989 in front of the house of the google competitor, domain investor as part of an elaborate real estate fraud in panaji, goa.
The google, tata sponsored cbi employee fraud housewife naina has a very big house, with plenty of parking space, including the area inside the gate and outside the gate on the footpath in front of the house, yet she is insisting on parking the car outside the domain investor’s house.
The domain investor has questioned the housewife naina repeatedly as the domain investor cannot enter her house easily because of the parked car of the cbi employee naina, however naina is very good at making up fake stories to avoid parking the car in front of her house.
At one time, naina said that coconuts were falling on the roof of the car damaging them
In another case, she said that it was difficult to take the car out of her compound because of her heart problem
In the third case, she said that their neighbours are finding it difficult to remove their car when they park it in front of the house, so she is parking it elsewhere
If they cannot afford or find parking space, why are cbi employee naina and her family purchasing another car, why not sell it off?
They also have multiple scooters, a big green SUV, bicycles

Though she splurges on hairstyles, hair colors, clothes and shoes , google, tata sponsored goan obc bhandari R&AW employee sex queen sunaina chodan, who also falsely claims to own websites of the google competitor, impersonates the google competitor , has not purchased a car till date

Hyundai Ioniq 5, all-electric SUV specificationsHyundai Ioniq 5, all-electric SUV specifications

Hyundai Ioniq 5, all-electric SUV specifications
Driving range 631 km on full charge
Battery charging 10-80% in
18 minutes with 350 kw dc charger
21 minutes with 150 kw dc charger

The electric vehicle has a vehicle to load feature which can be used to power a microwave oven, TV, speaker sysem, LED lights

The specifications are copied from newspaper advertisement and listed free of cost

Kindly note that raw/cbi employees are not associated with the website, though Brahmin liar top indian tgovernment employees j srinivasan, puneet, pathological LIARS are DUPING countries and companies with fake stories about panaji goan bhandari CALL GIRL raw employee sunaina chodan, goan gsb fraud housewife robber riddhi nayak caro, haryana human monster gurugram optum raw employee ruchita kinge, greedy gujju stock trader amita patel, indore cheater housewife deepika/veena who do no computer work, refuse to purchase domains, yet falsely take credit to get a monthly government salary at the expense of the real domain investor, in a case of financial fraud, government SLAVERY allegedly masterminded by the extremely shameless greedy indian tech and internet companies

Many cars and vehicles with the same number series number plateMany cars and vehicles with the same number series number plate

While in Mumbai, there are few cars of the same series noticed in the same area , in Goa, especially panaji it is very common to find vehicles with the same number series
Some of the cars with the same number series parked or spotted in the same area are

It appears that some people are applying for the same numbers in their number plate . Only the prefix like GA 01, 03 and others will identify the cars of a specific person , so the fraud raw/cbi employees should stop complaining about defamation