Car brochures Uncategorized Hyundai Next Gen Verna pricing and warranty

Hyundai Next Gen Verna pricing and warranty

Hyundai Next Gen Verna pricing and warranty (from advertisement, only for reference, comparison)
Introductory price starting from Rs 7.99 lacs (varies depending on model and location)
Ex showroom Delhi
Warranty offered
– 3 years unlimited kilometers warranty
– 3 years roadside assistance
– 3 times map care update
Home visit to customer house

Marketing and sales outlets in 740 cities in India
1019 sales outlets
1276 nationwide service outlets
Online booking option available

Outlets in Goa
Porvorim – Alcon Hyundai
Margao – Alcon Hyundai
Verna – Goa Hyundai
Tivim – Goa Hyundai
Ponda- Goa Hyundai

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Reckless white honda city C9604 lady driver in panaji driving while speaking on mobileReckless white honda city C9604 lady driver in panaji driving while speaking on mobile

Owners of expensive cars are often reckless drivers because they are arrogant and confident that the money they have can be used to buy anything including protection from the law and are well connected. The honda city vti costs at least Rs 9 lakh and the driver of the car was observed violating traffic rules in panaji. goa in July 2018

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People without parking space should not purchase carsPeople without parking space should not purchase cars

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Car brochuresCar brochures

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