Car brochures Uncategorized Manual override for cars required

Manual override for cars required

The media reported that the indian government is making it compulsory for car manufacturers to ensure that a manual override is included in cars with automatic locking and other safety features like airbags for cars manufactured in India from July 1, 2017.

It is observed that often cars with automatic locking cannot be manually opened and the car owners are getting trapped inside the car, leading to death in some cases. The problem is severe during the monsoon, when waterlogging damages the electronics of the car. Flooding in most metro cities has increased due to concretization and poor planning of the cities.

The cars are also required to have overspeeding indicators when the speed exceeds a specific value, like 80 km/hour, 100 km/hour, 120 km/hour, as a large number of people die in car accidents in India.

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Security agencies continue to defame,harass citizens who are not car owners resulting in rupee crashingSecurity agencies continue to defame,harass citizens who are not car owners resulting in rupee crashing

The indian rupee is one of the worst performing currency in Asia, falling 12% against the US dollar, mainly because of India’s huge oil import bill. Though india does not have sufficient oil reserves, the leaders and officials with the security agency officials in particular are ruthless in defaming, harassing, cheating and exploiting citizens who do not own a vehicle, especially a car, falsely labelling them a security threat without any proof

On the other hand, the security agencies especially in goa, are shameless in pampering families who own a large number of cars, like that of the google, tata sponsored kolhapur-born school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina, who looks like actress sneha wagh, mother of two sons. Just because naina is having an extra marital affair with top government employee parmar, and has three cars, wagonr, toyota qualis, maruti vitara brezza, the goan government and officials are openly involved in a real estate fraud on a google competitor, single woman engineer, falsely claiming that the school dropout housewife, who has no professional income, owns the house of the engineer, to get the school dropout a cbi job at the expense of the engineer.

When the security agencies are openly discriminating against citizens who do not own a car, walk or use public transport, naturally more citizens are purchasing cars, to improve their social status, get raw/cbi jobs with stolen identities. However this increases the demand for diesel and petrol, and since india imports 80% of the crude oil, the rupee is crashing as the oil prices increase. The current government was lucky that oil prices were at their lowest in the last few years, however now the increasing import bill, is again proof that security agencies do not have a long term vision when they pamper people owning cars

In most countries which import oil like china, the government encourages citizens to walk, use ecofriendly ways of transport, only in india, especially in goa, the discrimination against those who do not own cars is the greatest. The prices of petrol in goa are low at approximately Rs 76 per liter, while in Mumbai, the prices are far higher, reaching Rs 90 per liter, because in Mumbai, most people use public transport.

Maruti suzuki hiking car rates from January 2019Maruti suzuki hiking car rates from January 2019

The massive advertising budget for maruti suzuki, especially for newspaper advertising, is one of the reasons why Maruti suzuki is hiking car rates from january 2019. As mentioned earlier, it is advertising extensively in goan newspapers, with the same ad shown daily, in the paper.

It appears that the advertising agency as well as the marketing department is not monitoring the ROI on the newspaper advertising, so they are splurging money on advertising and then buyers have to shell out more.

The price hike is also advertised extensively,a showroom in panaji, goa had a big banner advertising the fact that the prices of the cars would be hiked from January 1, 2019 on 31, December 2018. They probably wanted customers to book their car before the price hike.

Potential car buyersPotential car buyers

The car manufacturers are mainly targetting the wealthy indian government and other employees, well connected business owners, professionals with advertisements in the newspapers, magazines and on television.

The car advertisement on television will usually show a good looking couple or group of well off people driving the car and enjoying themselves as only these people can afford to purchase an expensive car, most other indians are only using public transport as they have very less money to spend.

The print ads are more like car brochures , though the content of the ad will vary depending on the advertising agency. Some of the ads are providing comprehensive information, others especially for high end cars like Mercedes benz only have photos.