Car brochures Uncategorized Specification of the Ford Freestyle

Specification of the Ford Freestyle

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Ford Freestyle is being marketed as India’s first CUV
Introductory price
Petrol : Rs 5.09 lakh
Diesel : Rs 6.09 lakh

70.79 kW (96PS) power of 1.2l Ti-VCT petrol engine
Active rollover prevention (ARP)
Sync 3 with touchscreen
6 airbags for safety

From advertisement in newspaper

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Hyundai Next Gen Verna pricing and warranty (from advertisement, only for reference, comparison)
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Ex showroom Delhi
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Car companies are major advertisers in newspapersCar companies are major advertisers in newspapers

Other than jewelry, smart phone, real estate companies, car companies are major advertisers in newspapers
Maruti Suzuki is the biggest advertiser, with front and rear page ads
They have increased the price of their vehicles, and part of the price increase could be used for vehicle advertising
The domain investor does not own a car, since she does not travel much and also cannot afford it since she is a victim of government slavery in the indian internet sector
The domain was registered only because cars, vehicles are a popular topic for advertising, to gauge the demand of advertisers

Cars in small towns, large citiesCars in small towns, large cities

For example in metro cities like mumbai, the public transport system is fairly efficient, so most people who are relatively new to the city, will prefer to use the inexpensive public transport system, rather than investing their time and money on a vehicle.

Those who are not from the city and living in a hostel or rented premises, will also find it difficult to find space to keep their vehicle, when it is not being used. So a person who has lived alone in a large city since 18 may not know to drive any vehicle .

On the other hand, in small cities and towns, the public transport system is fairly inefficient , so most people tend to have their own vehicle. Compared to large cities, where security and intelligence employees are tolerant of people who use the public transport system, in small towns, those who do not have their own vehicle are often defamed, humiliated and it is considered to be an indication of the social status of the person.

The intolerant self centred officials fail to realize that a person who has lived in a large city, may not feel it is necessary to purchase a vehicle, and may have been satisfied using public transport.