Car brochures Uncategorized Bookings for new Hyundai Venue are open

Bookings for new Hyundai Venue are open

Bookings for new Hyundai Venue are open till May 20, 2019
Assured early delivery
100% on road finance with extended warranty
Zero processing fee
Zero cancellation charges
Customers interested in booking can give a missed call or contact the nearest dealer

FRAUD ALERT: The second case against TCS for THEFT of trade secrets in the united states is an indicator of the widespread fraud, robbery and cheating in the indian internet and tech sector, with the indian and state government especially goan government openly involved in criminal defamation and financial fraud on the domain investor, falsely claiming that 10 google, sponsored lazy greedy goan call girl slim sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, cheater housewives nayanshree hathwar, riddhi caro,asmita patel,school dropouts like naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh, her lazy fraud sons nikhil, karan, robbers like veena,and other fraud raw/cbi employees who do not spend any money at all on domains, own this and other domains to pay them a monthly raw/cbi salary since 2010 at the expense of the real domain investor who is broke
This disclaimer is posted to alert people of the ntro, raw, cbi, indian security agency fraud since 2010

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Income tax department closely monitoring car purchases in IndiaIncome tax department closely monitoring car purchases in India

In a recent issue of Moneylife a reader, who is getting a salary, has posted a query saying that he purchased a car of Rs 11 lakh, paying cash from his savings and found that the amount was included in his form 26as and he was expected to pay tax on it . Usually for most salaried persons, the form 26as only includes the tax deducted by their employer and interest income from banks and other sources. The person posting the query claimed that he had paid the cash from his savings from salary

This incident clearly indicates that the income tax department is closely monitoring the sales of cars, especially expensive cars costing more than Rs 5 lakh. Then without sending a notice to the car buyer they are automatically adding the amount to the income of the car buyer and asking the person to pay taxes while filing income tax returns.

So it is highly dangerous to purchase a car paying cash, it is better to pay by cheque and use cash only for incidental expenses related to the car like registration, accessories and similar low value purchases.

Checklist while transporting carChecklist while transporting car

This is part of an article which the content buyer did not pay for. If similar articles are required, kindly send an email to Kindly note that this website is owned by a private citizen, not any ntro, raw, cbi employee or their associate though indian government agencies are making fake claims

Car owners should be aware that the cost of transporting the car depends on the vehicle weight, value, current address, destination, distance between these places. It is also cheaper and faster to transport vehicles between larger cities, rather than villages or towns. It is advisable to find out whether the transport company is insured, and will compensate for any damage to the car while transporting it. The car owner should inspect the vehicle along with the transport company, before the handing over the car, and also inspect it at the specified destination for damage.

Getting a quote
There are a large number of car transportation companies in England, Scotland, Wales and other places. Contacting each company to get a quote for car transportation is a tedious and time consuming process. Now car owners can conveniently compared prices and get the best deal for car transport using the car transport quote service. In addition to the price, they will also be informed about the time taken for transporting the car. If the car has to be transported quickly, an addition premium may have to be paid. Usually to get the best price for transportation, the car owner may have to wait for some time.

Google competitor tortured while taking driving lessons, her savings stolenGoogle competitor tortured while taking driving lessons, her savings stolen

Large companies like google, tata have developed a unique way of ensuring that google competitors do not learn driving in small towns where there is no public transport. They are allegedly bribing the local intelligence, security , ntro employees to stalk and torture the google competitor when he or she is taking driving classes with microwave radiation weapons causing very great pain, memory loss and a severe headache. The person taking the driving classes cannot escape those torturing her because he or she has already paid a lot of money to the driving school and the route of the car has been fixed by the person taking the driving classes.

In Panaji, goa, taking driving classes, is the ideal opportunity for the cruel animal like security and intelligence agency, ntro, employees to mercilessly torture a google competitor, domain investor to cause great pain, memory loss, headache. In other instances, when the victim is experiencing pain, he or she can immediately flee the area, making it difficult for the government employees to torture her further.

However while taking driving lessons, there is no flexibility, the person learning driving has to drive the car on the same route, for at least an hour, all the sex animal government employees in panaji, to inflict great pain, memory loss in 2012. The pain was so great, that the effect of the torture remained for more than 24 hours and allowed security agencies, cbi to steal the retirement savings of the domain investor without a court order or legally valid reason