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Leon from Seat specifications

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The design of the new Leon from Seat is based on the latest MQB architecture. The power-trains are rated at 48 volts with plugin hybrid and mild-hybrid versions available for some versions. Other versions will have improved and more efficient versions of the TDI and TSI engines which are currently used. The body style with three-doors will not be offered. Instead the wagon and hatch models of the Leon with five doors will be available. Experts believe that the most expensive car in the range, the Cupra Leon will have two options for power-trains instead of one. The first option will be a completely new plug-in hybrid rated at 242 hp or 245 PS and the range of the electric vehicle will be 31 miles or 50 km. The second option will have a turbocharged two liter TSI engine with four cylinders rated at approximately 300 hp.

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