Car brochures Uncategorized Car manufacturers report massive decline in car sales in May 2021

Car manufacturers report massive decline in car sales in May 2021

After the increase in car sales for the last few months, most Car manufacturers in India report massive decline in car sales in May 2021
In most states of India, there was a strict lockdown in May 2021
People were confined to their homes, so there is a decline in car purchases.
A large number of people have also lost their jobs, so they cannot afford a car purchase

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Manual override for cars requiredManual override for cars required

The media reported that the indian government is making it compulsory for car manufacturers to ensure that a manual override is included in cars with automatic locking and other safety features like airbags for cars manufactured in India from July 1, 2017.

It is observed that often cars with automatic locking cannot be manually opened and the car owners are getting trapped inside the car, leading to death in some cases. The problem is severe during the monsoon, when waterlogging damages the electronics of the car. Flooding in most metro cities has increased due to concretization and poor planning of the cities.

The cars are also required to have overspeeding indicators when the speed exceeds a specific value, like 80 km/hour, 100 km/hour, 120 km/hour, as a large number of people die in car accidents in India.

Car brochuresCar brochures

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Massive decline in car sales of 26% due to economic conditionsMassive decline in car sales of 26% due to economic conditions

Since both the state and central government refuse to end the corruption, nepotism and abuse of power of powerful government employees, people are increasingly uncertain about their future.
Instead of taking the feedback in a positive manner to improve the system and conditions, the person complaining is defamed as being unpatriotic or in some cases mentally unsound

So it was not suprising that the car sales in india, reported a 26% decline in may 2019, one of the largest declines in the last few years according to media reports. Purchasing a car is a major investment for most indians, and if they are not sure that they will have any income after a few years, they will think twice about purchasing a car or any other vehicle.

Only government employees can afford to purchase expensive cars, since they will get a salary with DA increases and pension, unlike private citizens who have nothing, and are looted by the powerful greedy shameless government employees who cannot be held accountable.