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Vehicles after sales summit

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Running successfully in its 8th Year – IVASS – India Vehicle After Sales Summit
In the last 7 years, IVASS has seen participation from each and every Auto OEM across CV, PV and 2w
Top Auto Dealers, Suppliers, Tech Co and their teams from across the country and the world have participated
Who Should Attend the 8th IVASS?

Is ‘Profit’ a Dirty Word? Is ‘Growth’ a Taboo?

Well absolutely Not! Even charity needs profits!

The businesses are still recovering from the aftershocks of COVID viz the supply chain blues, workforce shortage, fuel price spikes, inflation and changing consumer behaviour.

We went around talking to the WAF Community Members and thus finalised the theme of 8th IVASS 2022
Theme of 8th IVASS 2022:

“Best Practices for Profitability and Growth”
So join us on Sat, Dec 17, Radisson BLU Plaza, Delhi Airport and lets take the industry threshold to the next level, by actioning our IVASS Dialogues!
Watch Past IVASS Editions, See Agenda, Book Now!
Take me to IVASS 2022
Book your Partner Slot, Booth & Delegate Tickets before they are all Sold Out!

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