Day: August 30, 2023

Rolls Royce car of Kuber director Vikas Malu involved in accident killing two peopleRolls Royce car of Kuber director Vikas Malu involved in accident killing two people

Kuber group director Vikas Malu involved in an accident in his Rolls Royce car on the expressway in which two people were killed . According to media reports, the car was being driven at 230 km/hour and it hit the front wheel of an oil tanker due to which the driver and co-driver of the tanker were killed. Vikas Malu, the driver and a lady passenger in the Rolls Royce were allegedly injured.
Though some are claiming that Vikas Malu was driving the car, his associates claim that the driver was driving the vehicle.
The expensive Rolls Royce burst into flames after the accident
The accident took place in Nuh, haryana and now vikas malu is hospitalised in Gurugram, Haryana, where haryana human monster raw employee ruchita kinge resides

The rolls royce sold in india cost between Rs 6 crore to Rs 10.5 approximately, making them the most expensive cars in india,yet it was rashly driven.

Vikas Malu was widely featured in the mainstream media after the death of actor Satish Kaushik, with his second wife Saanvi Malu making allegations that Vikas malu had planned the death due to outstanding loans. Kindly note that bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife raw employee nayanshree is not associated with the website, though she is getting a monthly salary for faking writing work in a case of government slavery