Cars in small towns, large cities


For example in metro cities like mumbai, the public transport system is fairly efficient, so most people who are relatively new to the city, will prefer to use the inexpensive public transport system, rather than investing their time and money on a vehicle.

Those who are not from the city and living in a hostel or rented premises, will also find it difficult to find space to keep their vehicle, when it is not being used. So a person who has lived alone in a large city since 18 may not know to drive any vehicle .

On the other hand, in small cities and towns, the public transport system is fairly inefficient , so most people tend to have their own vehicle. Compared to large cities, where security and intelligence employees are tolerant of people who use the public transport system, in small towns, those who do not have their own vehicle are often defamed, humiliated and it is considered to be an indication of the social status of the person.

The intolerant self centred officials fail to realize that a person who has lived in a large city, may not feel it is necessary to purchase a vehicle, and may have been satisfied using public transport.

Identity theft target, google competitor, financial fraud victim cannot afford to purchase a car


A harmless engineer, domain investor, being subjected to identity theft defamation (like the Vishal Sikka, Infosys case) , financial fraud allegedly by the cbi, ntro, security agency, google, tata employees finds that it is very difficult to make enough money to cover expenses, so the question of purchasing a car does not arise.

In the IT and internet sector in India, small online business owners are second class citizens, who are systematically denied their fundamental right to privacy and to earn a fair living, so they cannot afford to purchase a car as the indian government forces them to work as slaves to increase the profit of large companies allegedly google, tata .

On the hand, employees, especially government employees do far less work and are getting a much better salary, so they can easily afford to purchase a car. Realizing that non government employees are second class citizens in India in 2017, many car manufacturers, builders are offering special discounts to indian government employees.