Electronics and other features of the Hyundai Next Gen Verna


Electronics and other hitech features of Hyundai Next Gen Verna (from advertisement, free of cost)
All technology in Hyundai Next Gen Verna connected using auto link technology
Smartphone connectivity
Voice recognition
Cruise control
Both rear and front have a USB charger for charging mobile phone, tablet, laptop or other device
Premium sound from Arkamys

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Cars usually attacked, damaged during mob violence


Though owning and driving a car is a status symbol, there are many risks involved in owning a car. In addition to the difficulty in finding suitable parking space another major problem is that cars and other vehicles are usually targetted whenever any violence will break out in any part of india like the violence in Haryana and punjab after the cbi court announced that baba gurmeet ram rahim was guilty of rape of 25 August 2017

The media, especially television channels showed that vehicles were being dowsed with petrol and burned. While some of these vehicles may be owned by government agencies, at least a few of these vehicles are privately owned and often costing at least a few lakh rupees, often more than 10 lakh.After being attacked in mob violence, rioting, it is almost impossible to repair the cars, they have to be discarded as junk.

The security agencies in india waste crores of rupees annually to monitor harmless indian paypal account holders, domain investors making a few lakh, hardly enough annually falsely labelling them a security threat, however they do not monitor the car owners who own cars worth 10 lakh and more, and the cars are destroyed in mob violence, resulting in a waste of money.