NTRO employee fraud powerful parmar GIFTS his gujju school dropout premika cbi employee naina’s son a Rs 12 lakh red maruti vitara brezza


One of most dangerous, greedy and shameless frauds in india is the shameless NTRO employee fraud powerful parmar who heads a ruthless gujju identity theft gang and is infatuated with the gujju school dropout premika cbi employee housewife naina , who looks like actress sneha wagh, and is having a passionate extra marital affair with her. This gang specializes in defaming without any legally valid proof, harmless hardworking domain investors in India to defame, cheat, exploit them, steal their identity to get lazy greedy inexperienced gujju women lucrative raw/cbi jobs

the kolhapur born google, tata sponsored school dropout cbi employee naina, is eighth standard pass, is illegally married at the age of 16, is the mother of two sons, and the powerful ntro employee is so infatuated with his premika, that he gifted his gujju school dropout premika cbi employee naina’s son a Rs 12 lakh red maruti vitara brezza , falsely claiming that naina’s bearded son, who does no work online, is working online

The fraud gujju identity theft gang in goa have paid chowgule industries Rs 12 lakh or more to get the maruti vitara brezza for the inexperienced lazy fraud son of the school dropout cbi employee, Yet these shamelesss greedy LIAR section 420 gujju fraudsters refuse to pay the market price of domain names, websites, annual expenses, yet shamelessly and falsely claim that the semiliterate housewife from kolhapur, residing in panaji, goa, who does not spend any money online, owns this and other websites to get a monthly cbi salary at the expense of the real domain investor, google competitor

When will the shameless LIAR SECTION 420 FRAUD gujju identity theft gang hiding behind their role model school dropout cbi employee housewife naina end their banking, online, paypal, education, real estate fraud and admit the cheater naina and her sons are not doing any work online, are not investing any money online, parmar has got a cbi job for naina only because he is having an EXTRA MARITAL AFFAIR with the school dropout and is madly in love with her