Insurance fraudsters purchase two-wheeler TATA aig insurance for cars to save money


According to a media report some fraudsters made some quick money purchasing Two-wheeler insurance purchased for four and six-wheelers through Tata AIG and policybazar
Since most vehicle owners do not file insurance claims, this was noticed initially.
Only during an audit, it was found that the two-wheeler insurance was purchased for vehicles whose registration number correspondended to cars and six wheelers.
The vehicle owners probably thought they were getting a very good deal, and the fraudsters made some quick money, since the car insurance is far higher than scooter or motorcycle insurance

So it appears that following the government policy of falsely claiming that school dropouts are engineers to maximize their BRIBES, insurance fraudsters purchase two wheeler insurance for cars

Cyrus Mistry was travelling in a Mercedes benz GLC 220D silver grey car


According to media reports businessman Cyrus Mistry had relocated to Dubai after being removed as the tata chairman and was only visiting india once a month.Usually if there is a group, men will drive the car because they are considered better drivers and they are less likely to get harassed by the mainly male drivers . Yet it would be interesting to find out why Dr. Anahita Pandole was allowed to drive the Mercedes Benz GLC 220D car and why no one stopped her from overspeeding the car. The Mercedes Benz car is a luxury car priced at Rs 68 lakh
The passengers in the car can always tell the driver to slow down. Most people are aware that driving a car at a high speed will greatly increase the possibility of an accident since it is more difficult to control a car which is at a high speed.
The media reports claim that Cyrus Mistry and Jehangir Pandole who were seated on the rear seat, died because they were not wearing seat belts and their air bags did not deploy. This shows that though the luxury cars are expensive they are not tested properly. This accident could affect the sales of Mercedes Benz cars in India