Instagram influencer duo purchase Mercedes-AMG, how many of their 11 million followers are genuine


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Indicating the extremely high rates which instagram influencers are paid the media reported that actors Surabhi and Samriddhi purchased an expensive Mercedes-AMG costing Rs 87 lakh while domain investors struggle to pay the domain renewal fees, since the government continues with its financial, online fraud on real domain investors,falsely claiming that raw/cbi employees who do not spend any money on domains own the domains
At present social media influencers on instagram are often overpaid, a large number of their followers are fake, and online marketers are wasting their money paying them high amounts, when these influencers have often purchased their followers paying money on websites like
Companies who pay a large amount to social media influencers they should audit these followers to find out how many of them are genuine.

Tata Nexon driven at high speed cause death of female ceo of tech company


Rajalakshmi Ramakrishnan, called Raji, the CEO of Altruist Technologies was killed in an early mornining accident in Worli, Mumbai while running. She was allegedly hit by a Tata Nexon car driven by a 23 year old Sumer Merchant, who was dropping his friends home after a party.

The car was being driven at a speed of more 100 km/hour based on the surveillance data which was available. There were multiple speeding tickets against the car, and the fine was paid only for one ticket, others were not paid. The car was registered in the name of Merchant’s mother Bijal
58 year old Raji was a rank holding chartered accountant who worked in several companies including Bharti Airtel,Flipkart according to her linkedin profile. She had also participated in some marathons. Merchant was working in an event management company, dealing with Bollywood.

This again exposes the waste of resources in closely monitoring the harmless domain investor since 2010 when she is mainly at home, does not drive any vehicle, while those drive their cars at high speeds and kill people have no action taken against them

Geely coolray car video review


Geely coolray car

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Like the case of karnataka IPS/IAS officer D Roopa, Rohini Sindhuri showed, well paid government employees are circulating photos/videos of others without their permission to ruin their reputation Don’t waste your time watching videos circulated by well paid government employees for free, Get paid to watch videos featuring reviews of cars and others at Aviso Geely coolray cars are manufactured in China and used in Russia

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