Car sales increase since it is very difficult to make money at home in india


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Though the scammer shivalli brahmins falsely claim that income at home is an indication of the competence of a person, in reality the income a person makes at home doing computer work, depends on how well connected the person is.
In the last decade, indian tech, internet companies and politicians have use multiple methods to ensure that if they wish , a person will not get any kind of paid work at home at all, however hard he or she tries
Making up fake excuses of security threat, the government agencies are diverting and stealing all the correspondence of some citizens working at home, like the domain investor, so that her income is very low. The government agencies are also openly involved in financial fraud on some citizens falsely claiming that their employees own the domains, bank account of some private citizens, especially those who work at home.
So instead of working at home and making very less money, most people are going to work in offices or elsewhere.
Also the income of citizens is not linked to their experience, competence or skills, in india it depends mainly on the lifestyle at present. Owning a car greatly improves the social status of a person, so more people are purchasing cars and the mainstream media has reported an increase in car sales.